my friends
+ your friends
= a great night

Available on iOS. Coming soon to Android.

Meet New Friends to Join Your Friends


Request to Meet

Like all the groups you're interested in meeting tonight.

See Who Wants To Meet You

See the groups that want to meet with your group tonight.

Start Chatting

When it's mutual, start chatting. The rest of the night is up to you!

Act Fast

Today's likes, matches and chats all disappear at the end of the night. Be spontaneous!

Find A Group that Fits

Filter by group size, age, gender and distance to help you find the perfect group.

It's Safer in a Group

The minimum group size is one person but it's more fun in a group.

Like fast. Chat fast. Meet fast.
It's all gone by the end of tonight.

Plans and groups change every night. Your likes and chats shouldn't last longer than that. When the timer runs out, all likes, matches and chats disappear.

  • Chat securely within the app to make plans
  • Send pictures, your location and even corny jokes in the chat
  • Create public chatrooms for nearby groups to join
  • All likes, matches and chats disappear at the end of the night

Easy to Use = Easy to Meet

Meet a Group Tonight!

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